Saturday September 8th
The End of Summer Super Party
We are not done yet!!
It’s back to school and time to pack up that bikini, BUT WAIT!! We are not quite ready for that yet and here's hoping neither are you.  

It is still high tide at the NYX Estuary, and we are keeping the heat turned up. There’s no admission test required just a healthy attitude for experiential learning. There is a lesson or two to be learned and more than one life to be saved.

Surfs up, so grease those boards and flood the dancefloor because it’s the


Make a splash ladies by wearing your bikini tonight and skip the cover
Bring an apple for the teacher and you will get extra marks and a little somethin somethin!!

If your membership has expired, then This weekend only we are giving scholarships to help you extend your membership to November 30th. Come in and mention you saw this online and WHAM BAM THANK YOU MAM you are set!

Come in your bikini ready for the beach
Come in your school uniform ready to teach.

VIP Booths and Bottle Service
Make your night out worth it with NYX Lounge's VIP

Rocking the dance floor will be :