Thursday March 29th
Stepping out of your Comfort zone
A night for the bi Curious Man and Couple
People, if they choose you, they want you to decide
But you'd rather relax, kick back, and enjoy the ride
There's a category if you're straight or if you are gay
But you are a wild card gambler if you like it both ways

Looking at the girls and eyeing all the guys
Eating with the girls and laughing with the guys
Feeling all the girls and touching all the guys
Loving all the girls and loving all the guys
Everybody wants you when you're bi
But the tension and the passion's double amplified

Everybody's fucked up with their sexuality
So why not Like it both ways
Everybody wants you
Everybody needs you
Everybody likes you
Everybody loves you when you're bi

Derived from the lyrics of Bi, Living Colour

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