Friday April 13th
Biker Chicks and their Side Kicks
Role call for the 2 wheelers!
NYX is an acrimony free church as this biker bar welcomes all bikers regardless of patches or tattoos. So, leave your cage at home,…. strap on those chaps, done that tasseled vest, pull on those fingerless gloves, pop on that brain bucket,  zipp up that leather jacket or squeeze into those aerodynamic sport leathers.

Jump on that Ape hanger, that Bark-o-Lounger, that crotch rocket, Chopper, cruiser, cafe racer, or beemer.  Just don't forget your back warmer before you pull out on the open road and blip that throttle.

Its gonna be a freaky friday the 13th where we guaranteed you will fuel your passion, grease your gears, lubricate your shafts, and torque your nuts.

VIP Booths and Bottle Service
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Rocking the dance floor will be :