Saturday April 14th
King Tuts and Egyptian Sluts
Glamorous Toga
“If I am not beside you, where will set your desire?
If you do not embrace me and seize the moment,
Then whom will embrace for your pleasure?
But if woo me to touch my breasts and my thighs…”
Ancient Egyptian seduction

If you thought the Romans and Greeks were liberal when it came to sex, prepare to be shocked. Sex in Ancient Egypt was indeed before its time, and thank the Pharaohs that NYX is “just in time” to push the boundaries that would make even the Romans balk!

Tonight we will soothe your KA and raise your BA. The temple of NYX will be Thebes for one night! Come as Seth, or Nephthys, Osiris, or Isis, She or Tefnut! Cleopatra and Ramses will bless this night of debauchery where your poison of the night will flow like the nile.

So donn your toga and…

egyptian-hieroglyphs egyptian-hieroglyphs egyptian-hieroglyphs
**Free cover for anyone who can decifer the above!!**
*Courtesy of Font Meme*
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Rocking the dance floor will be :