Saturday May 11th
Polka Dot Prom
Marylin and Liz could not be wrong!
Although the origins of the the Pol-ka-dot pattern is vague… The fashion craze at the time of coin sized dots on fabric of the 1800s called Thalertupfen based on the german currency at the time the Thaler was surely the genesis of the DOT.

Combine this with the polish term Polka meaning “Polish Woman” and the term Pulka meaning “half” step related to dancing and you get the perfect storm of PolkaMania and the Dot which popularized the fashion faux paux into the Pol-ka-dot!

Ok relax everyone, we are not going polish on you and bringing in John Candy and the accordion polka band. However regardless of the History there is no question, the likes of Marylin Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Lucille Ball, Frank Sinatra, and of course Minnie Mouse all had an affinity for it.

AND there is no doubt we love large round things as well! Whether they are up top in front or behind down low.

So pull out some dots and saunter down the street to NYX!

We want you here!!
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Rocking the dance floor will be :