Saturday June 16th
Rock Stars and Porn Stars
Go together like Waffles and Syrup
Welcome Tommy Lee, Axel, Billy, Amy, or god forbid Madonna! Show us your stuff, Madison Ivey, Alexis Texas, and Nikki Benz

Break out the leather jackets, fishnets, oversized sunnies, jiggly bits, big hair and lube, and dress up as a PORNSTAR, or ROCKSTAR or some funked up combo of both.

This is the night to let your inner Air Guitarist loose! Better yet be the Fluffer you are and bring new meaning to COCKROCK? OOOH YES PLEASE!!

Time to hit NYX with your power chords and money shots!!

Sound check, Lights, ACTION!!

For a little extra fun we will be giving away some Porn swag. But to get yours you have to register on our guest list with your Pornstar or Rockstar name. Its easy just click below.

VIP Booths and Bottle Service
Make your night out worth it with NYX Lounge's VIP
Rocking the dance floor will be :