Saturday March 31st
Playboy Easter Bunny
Licky sticky...Its Easter Saturday
The hunt is on!  Do you know where your next treat will be?  Well we do, it is right here at NYX Lounge. So why eat chocolate bunnies when there are playboy bunnies and more at the ready, and way more tasty!

We have Baileys served in navels, we have chocolate Teat Treats, Dark Frangelico running free over cheeks, we have Creme de Cacao Cleavage, and Kitty Kats between…...umm...oh my!!, and Dirty Girl Scouts ….. Well they will be everywhere but mostly laying on the bar (Body shot Saturday as you know!)

Dont forget to ask your bartender for… guessed it…. a “Hershey Kiss!” Caution, this one is gender specific!

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Rocking the dance floor will be :