Friday April 6th
Tartan Ken and the Scottish Hen
Watch out for that draft!
It is international tartan day and we pay homage to our friends across the pond

From our gentlemens Lowlands to our sexy ladies highlands we trust they will be draped by a little bit of tartan.  The question will be however what is under the skirts or under the kilts….. Do you wear the under thingys or let the boys sway in the wind or the kitty breath fresh air.

We may see clubs, we may see balls, but regardless they will be with quite a different meaning.  And, be sure the swinging here will make even the most self assured Scottish Kenny’s cheeks turn red!

So come hunky Kens and sexy Hens,  wear your trews and defend well your clan.

And Now in Scottish…

Taurtin kin an' dee scoottish ‘en.

Ies internaytionool taurtin day an' we pay ‘omage tae uir friends athwart th' poond.

Frae uir gentlemens lowlands tae uir sexy kimers highlands we troost dey will be draped be a wee bit ay taurtin. Th' quest’n  be hoowever wha bee uder th' skirts ur uder th' kilts. Dae ye wear th' uder thingys ur lit th' wee jimmies sway in th' win' ur th' kitty breath cool air.

We main see clubs, we main see balls, but regoordlis dee will be wi' quite different meanin' haur.  An', indeed th' swingin' haur will make even th' moost self assured scoottish kinny’s cheeks turn red!

Sae come hoonky kins an' sexy ‘ens, wear yer trews an' defend weel yer clan.
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