Saturday April 7th
Unihoes and Rhino Joes
Rainbows and Horns
Ahh the Unicorn.... A mythical creature that we all believe in but no one has ever seen.  Well….. Not here at NYX, there will be an entire blessing here tonight. Feel free to bring yours along as well. All unicorns are welcome.  

Rhino’s on the other hand are well known and appropriately named as they are both horny and Ugly.  Well the latter part is not entirely true, and in fact the NYX Crash of Rhinos are the pretty boys of the genus Rhinoceros sondaicus.  

Together they will be stampeding through the lounge taking no prisoners, but they will be herding the unsuspecting into their realm of ferocious fun.  So come get wrapped in rainbows or ride a horn!

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