1. At NYX Lounge, we want the experience to be your own and a great one.  We want to promote a comfortable sexy environment for everyone.  Whether you are new, or experienced we want to help you to live out your inner desires in a safe and sexy environment.
  2. No means No - When someone says no, they really mean it and we reserve the right to remove anyone from the premises that won't comply. This is a ZERO tolerance rule.
  3. No photo's or videos allowed, unless approved by all parties in the photo/video and management.  Photo's only in the designated photography area.
  4. All staff and guests MUST be treated with respect.
  5. Dress to Impress. We encourage you to dress sexy, sophisticated and participate in the theme for the evening.  There is no real guideline on how to dress, but we do not allow flip flops, running shoes, work boots or sweat pants regardless of gender.
  6. No Alcohol or glassware in the designated play areas. Bottle water only.
  7. NYX or its affiliates and staff are not responsible for any of your personal belongings, regardless of where they are left.
  8. We reserve the right to refuse service.  Due to liquor laws, your health and safety and that of the general public, if we feel that you have had too much to drink we will refuse to continue serving you.
  9. Single males must be either accompanied by a single lady or a couple in all play areas. No exceptions no second chances